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Jenni Chamberlain Named to Africa AM Power 50

Jenni Chamberlain named to the Africa AM Power 50 for second consecutive year...



Value Driven Approach

Returns may best be realised through a longterm, value-driven approach

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Expert in the Field

There is no substitute for experience in sub-Saharan Africa...

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African Development: Making Sense of the Issues and Actors

Recent development successes experienced in Africa...

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Differentiated Process

Portfolio Management

Proven ability to capitalize on large and statistically significant levels of information asymmetry

We employ a disciplined portfolio management process while leverages the use of in-house proprietary resources designed to reconcile historical trading data, assist with multi-currency valuations and derive optimal entry / exit points. When investing across the African capital markets, we take into account such items as portfolio stratgy, available cash, prevailing market conditions, exchange considerations and execution cost, among numerous other factors. Our investment team has successfully invested in over 200 companies with operations across 49 countries throughout Africa.

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