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Jenni Chamberlain Named to Africa AM Power 50

Jenni Chamberlain named to the Africa AM Power 50 for second consecutive year...



Expert in the Field

There is no substitute for experience in sub-Saharan Africa...

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African Development: Making Sense of the Issues and Actors

Recent development successes experienced in Africa...

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Investment Strategy

Differentiated Process

A disciplined and proven approach to investment outperformance

We believe that wealth can best be created through long-term ownership of growing businesses. In practice, our investment process emphasizes both preservation as well as growth of capital, resulting in a total return approach for capital appreciation. Integral to our approach are key risk controls which capitalize upon the experience of management and superior systems / infrastructure designed to achieve cost efficiency throughout the investment process.

Altree Capital seeks to capitalize upon large and statistically significant levels of information asymmetry evident across the African capital markets. The Firm leverages its long-standing relationships, local network and on-the-ground presence to gain an information edge through fundamental, bottom-up analysis and due diligence.

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