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Jenni Chamberlain Named to Africa AM Power 50

Jenni Chamberlain named to the Africa AM Power 50 for second consecutive year...



Expert in the Field

There is no substitute for experience in sub-Saharan Africa...

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African Development: Making Sense of the Issues and Actors

Recent development successes experienced in Africa...

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ESG Management System

Altree Capital

ESG Management System

We implement a bespoke and comprehensive ESG Management System (ESGMS) to screen, identify, evaluate and mitigate negative or enhance positive social and environmental impacts across our investments, through well thought out and deliberate reporting structures. Our ESGMS drives the integration of ESG throughout the investment lifecycle by setting clear requirements for our portfolio companies to develop and implement ESG systems that meet our standards .Through the responsible deployment of capital and the integration of ESG issues into all investment decisions and management operations, Altree Capital plays in important role as an institutional catalyst contributing to an equitable, greener, healthier and more profitable future for Africa.

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